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I always like to visit casinos. That doesn’t mean that I am addicted to casino gambling or pokiesPlay Online Casino. But I love the atmosphere at websites like playonlinepokies. Here a person comes with a hope to win more and more. Some of them succeeded in it and win a handsome amount and some are not succeeding and lose their money. But the thrill and enjoyment you experienced there is not compared to anything. That thrill and enjoyment encourage them to come here again and again.

I am also fond of this thrill and enjoyment. By the evolution of online casinos, the bars of the joy and excitement are increased. Now you do not have to visit casino houses to get this, you can access this from your PC or mobile phone. By the online casinos now wide ranges of population who are not able to visit casinos can also experience this. I also personally like online casinos because of its portability and ease of play. But some peoples feel hesitated to online playing because of its distorted information about Rake amount. In offline casinos you can get information about the Rake amount from representative present there. But in online casinos there is not such facility available.

So, I started this website to provide you info about the Rake report of top online casino portals. Here I will constantly provide you updated Rake reports of those casinos. So, when you are going to start playing on any online portal you have information available for you. And without hesitation you can play on your desired portal. Rake amount is the scaled commission of the poker game operator. It generally lies between 2.5%-5% of the poker hand in the pot. Like Texas holdem do not take commission when you are not having a flop in your hand. Every casino portal has different criteria to take Rake from the customers. So, from this website you can get a Rake Report of different casino portal and many interesting articles like Multi-table play in online games, How to read your opponent moves and many more. This will provide you lots of information and idea while playing online casino. I tried to clear all the problems which I experienced while playing online casino. But your questions and suggestions are most welcomed. I will try my best to provide you all information. So, you will not face any problem while playing online.